Rhode Island Nude Beaches and Resorts: Little state big fun

Rhode Island Nude Beaches and Resorts

Over the last few years, my wife and I have visited nudist spots across the country. Rhode Island is a little state but it can be a big place for nudist fun. So what is available for Rhode Island nude beaches and Rhode Island nudist resorts?

Rhode Island does have a few options for nude beaches and nude resorts. There is one unofficial Rhode Island nude beach and one private Rhode Island nudist resort. In addition to the local options, Rhode Island nudists have access to nudist spots in other nearby New England states.

So let’s take a look at what is available for Rhode Island nude beaches, Rhode Island nudist resorts, and Rhode Island nudist clubs. You will find that this state has nudist options both right here and nearby. You can have big nudist fun in this little state.

Nude Beaches in Rhode Island

Rhode Island nude beaches

There are not much for options for Rhode Island nude beaches but there is one spot where public nudity is reported to be accepted by authorities. This does not however guarantee that you will be safe from prosecution if you go nude at these places. You visit these nude beaches at your own risk.

Going nude at a public beach in Rhode Island can likely lead to running into trouble with the law. According to the website findlaw.com “Rhode Island’s indecent exposure law prohibits exposing one’s genitals for sexual gratification in a manner that likely will alarm or distress another person.”

Of course, local jurisdictions may have enacted even more restrictive ordinances, so be sure to verify that you are in the legal right before taking it all off. Personally, I will only go nude in resorts, private beaches, and the few public nude beaches across the country.

There are also some other unofficial (at your own risk) nude beaches in nearby Massachusetts.

Mohegan Bluffs Beach

Block Island, Rhode Island

This spot is reported to be accessible down a steep path from the parking area at the end of Snake Hole Road. Once at the bottom of the stairs, take a right-hand turn and follow along the water until you reach a sandy beach area.

When we visited here we did not find the beach to be very crowded. It was early summer and not a very warm day. There were only about 60 people on the beach and only about 10 or so were completely nude.

This is a well-publicized nude beach that is said to be accepted by the local authorities and used by many nudists. On a typical hot summer day, a good percentage of beachgoers here can typically be found nude. This is a tolerated site and not a legal site so the nudity laws would still apply therefore you go naked at your own risk.

Naturist Nude Resorts in Rhode Island

Rhode nudist resorts would be our favorite way to be naked when visiting the Ocean State. You usually have easier access to amenities like bathrooms, food, and overnight accommodations than you do at the Rhode Island nude beaches.

Additionally, I prefer to be nude in Rhode Island without worrying about getting in trouble with the law. This makes the Rhode Island nude resort the most relaxing place to go. We love hanging out poolside or in the hot tub while meeting other nudists.

For Rhode Island nudist resorts, there is one really good option. Additionally, you check out what is available across New England in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

Dyer Woods Nudist Campgrounds

Rhode Island nude resort dyer woods
Dyer Woods Nudist Campground Image from http://dyerwoodscampgrounds.com/wp/

114 Johnson Road
Foster, RI 02825

Dyer Woods is a top-rated spot that is a favorite amongst Rhode Island nudists. This is a clean and well-maintained nudist campground/resort that is family-friendly.

This Rhode Island nude resort offers a large number of amenities that include:

  • A large, clear, filtered, swimming pond
  • Wood fired sauna
  • Hiking trails on 200 acres
  • Camp store, picnic areas, and clubhouse
  • Transit and seasonal tent and RV sites with water and electric hookups
  • Bathhouse facilities with indoor and outdoor showers
  • Rental cabin and penthouse
  • Sand volleyball court
  • Games such as string ball and Frisbee golf
  • Special Events

Common areas are Nudity Required. Hiking trails and the rest of the grounds are clothing optional. The pool and other common areas require you to be nude. This is different than the clothing optional style of most resorts.

This resort receives good reviews from across the internet with most sites giving them 4+ stars out of 5. Most reviews talk about how friendly the staff and guests are.

A standard day pass to this Rhode Island nude resort is $40. There are several different overnight accommodations available. Camping starts at $65 per night, RV sites start at $70 per night, and cabins start at $115/per night.

These overnight rates are pretty reasonable as they include your day fees.

Rhode Island Nudist Clubs

Rhode Island nudist clubs

An alternative to nude beaches and nudist resorts can be the Rhode Island nudist club. These clubs put on events at different locations throughout the state during the year. This is a great way to meet up with other Rhode Island nudists and spend some time in the buff.

RING (Rhode Island Naked Guys) Meetup


Social group with events for nudist men in Rhode Island. The Facebook page for this Rhode Island nudist club is a private group and you will have to request to join.

Boston Area Naturist Group (BANG)


BANG is a gay nudist organization that holds numerous events throughout the year. They seem to be much more active than most organizations and hold events throughout the New England area.

The Other Type of Nudists: Swingers in Rhode Island

When someone is looking for Rhode Island nudist resorts, it is important to take into account what you are looking for. A traditional naturist nudist resort is a completely different experience from a swinger clothing optional resort. Going to the wrong type may lead to some unexpected surprises for you.

In a nutshell, naturists nudists look at nudity as a natural state of being that is not tied to sex. Therefore these places can be family orientated and sexual activity is not encouraged or allowed. Swingers look at nudity as being totally about sexuality. Sexual activity is allowed and encouraged.

You can read Naturist or Swinger Nude Resorts and Beaches for details on the difference.

You will find that nude beaches and nudist resorts tend to be geared towards naturists. Swinger resorts are definitely for the swingers.

This article is geared towards Rhode Island nudist resorts but if you are more interested in the swinger experience you can check out Rhode Island Swinger Clubs and Swinger Resorts.


A regular boring middle-aged married man that discovered the fun of the nudist lifestyle a few years ago. Ever since then he has traveled the country checking out nudits spots.

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