South Carolina Nude Beaches and Resorts: Fun with the Gamecocks

South Carolina nude beaches and resorts

My wife and I just love visiting nude beaches and resorts. We have been compiling a list of nude beaches and resorts across the United States and trying to visit as many of them as possible. So this begs the question, what is there for South Carolina nude beaches and resorts?

In general, there are a few options for the South Carolina nudist. While there are no official South Carolina nude beaches, there is one that is used by many. Additionally, there are a couple of South Carolina nudist resorts that give the opportunity to legally spend some time naked.

So let’s take a look at all that South Carolina has to offer. We will look at what is available for South Carolina nude beach options and South Carolina nudist resorts. We will also check out some other options for South Carolina nudists.

South Carolina Nude Beaches and Resorts Table

The table below contains the nudist spot locations for South Carolina nudists.

NameLocationTypeNaturist or Swinger Lifestyle
Folly Beach*Folly Beach, SCBeachUnofficial nude public beach (this means nudity here is not legal) use at own risk
Carolina Foothills ResortChesnee, SCResortnaturist nudist family friendly
Travelites Nudist RetreatHopkins, SCCampgroundnaturist nudist family friendly
Cedar Creek ResortLeesville, SCResort21+ clothing-optional not a swinger resort but not fully naturist either.
*Unofficial nude beach See the nude beach section below but use it at your own risk of legal issues.

From the table above, you can see that there are quite a few options to go nude in South Carolina. Every one of the spots above is known for its southern hospitality.

Even with the lack of official South Carolina nude beaches, there are excellent options to soak up some sun in the buff. There are some top-rated South Carolina nude resorts. South Carolina offers some awesome options to explore the nudist lifestyle.

In the table above, you will see that each resort location has a designation of naturist or swinger lifestyle. If you are new to visiting nudist spots, you may not know the distinction.

You can find out more about the distinction by reading Naturist or Swinger Nude Resorts and Beaches.

If you are researching the nudity lifestyle, then I suggest checking it out for yourself. My wife and I have found that this lifestyle is very fun and we have met so many awesome people. Be sure to check it out at a place that fits your interest whether that is naturist or swinger.

South Carolina Nude Beaches

South Carolina nude beaches

Unfortunately, there are no official South Carolina nude beaches. This means that going nude at any South Carolina public beach can get you in trouble with the law.

The South Carolina indecent exposure law is very broad and does not even allow for topless sunbathing. You can find out more information on the laws regarding South Carolina nudity here.

There are some reports of nude sunbathing that occurs at Folly Island at the undeveloped northeast end of the island. Once again, nude sunbathing is not legal here and I would not recommend it.

Personally, I would not want to risk running into trouble with the law. I would rather visit a South Carolina nudist resort. If you are set on visiting a nude beach, I would recommend taking a trip to check out the Florida Nude Beaches.

Folly Beach

This is an unofficial beach for the South Carolina nudist. While nude sunbathing is still illegal here (and not recommended), the northeast section of the island reportedly has a nude section at the end of Ashley Avenue where this activity is not uncommon.

As with any unofficial nude beach, it is best to be discreet and stay in secluded areas so as not to offend anyone.

There is even a petition to make Folly Beach the first of hopefully many South Carolina nude beaches.

South Carolina Nudist Resorts

South Carolina nudist resorts

Most South Carolina nudist resorts and campgrounds are for naturists. They are family orientated so public sexual activity is discouraged. These can be very relaxing spots to visit and get the ultimate downtime in the buff.

All of these resorts have spots for a South Carolina nudist to soak up the sun. You can get something similar to that nude beach experience while remaining perfectly legal.

If you are new to the nudist lifestyle, these resorts can be an excellent way to have your first experience.

You can find additional nudist resort options in neighboring North Carolina, Georgia,

Carolina Foothills Resort

Carolina Foothills Resort
Carolina Foothills Resort pool as shown on

90 Carolina Foothills Dr
Chesnee, SC 29323
(864) 461-2731

Carolina Foothills Resort is a highly-rated South Carolina nude resort. Located in the foothills of the Blue Hill Mountains, CFR is a short drive to Asheville, NC, and Greenville, SC. This resort is open year-round and South Carolina nudist reviews give this place extremely high reviews.

Carolina Foothills Resort is a private club associated with the AANR (American Association for Nude Recreation). This is a member-owned club that is completely family-friendly.

Amenities at this club include a pool, covered hot tub, putt-putt course, walking trails, clubhouse, communal fire pit, pickleball court, and numerous organized activities.

In order to attend this club, you do need to submit your info for a background check. You can download this form online and upload it ahead of time before your visit.

Day fees to visit are $46 for couples or families. The day fee for singles is $49.

Overnight accommodations are available at Carolina Foothills Resort. Cabins start at as low as $109/night. RV sites start at as low as $87/night. Campsites start as low as $63/night. All overnight fees include the ground fees.

Travelites Nudist Retreat

820 Horrell Hill Rd
Hopkins, SC 29061
(803) 695-1937

This is another South Carolina nudist resort that is associated with the AANR. This resort may be a little less polished and have a few fewer amenities than some other places but everyone reports that the people here are extremely friendly.

Amenities at Travelites include a pool, hot tub, lawn darts, volleyball, horseshoes, outdoor showers, and an air-conditioned clubhouse.

There are some camping spots available. The only complaints that you hear about this place tend to be centered around the lack of facilities at Travelites and not the friendliness of the staff. Ground fees are very reasonable here and are probably the cheapest in the state at $25 for the day.

Cedar Creek Resort

Cedar Creek Resort
Indoor Cedar Creek pool from

260 Gantt Mill Rd
Leesville, SC 29070
(803) 567-5227

While not advertised as being in the South Carolina swinger resorts category, Cedar Creek Resort is a clothing-optional resort that is used by swingers and nudists.

Cedar Creek Resort does not allow for some of the wild behavior that you would find at a full-swinger resort. Public sexual displays are not encouraged but this is a great place to meet other like-minded people.

Amenities at the Cedar Creek Resort include an outdoor pool, indoor heated pool, indoor hot tub, volleyball, Bocci Ball, cornhole, Horseshoes, river rafting, clubhouse, and pickleball.

Cedar Creek Resort receives very high reviews from its visitors and is very popular with the swinger crowd. Many of the events are great mixers for those into the swinger lifestyle.

Cedar Creek Resort has special events on almost every weekend but their big event is Nudestock in September. This is an annual nude music festival that they hold every year that pulls in visitors from across the country.

Daytime grounds fees during the off-season are $50/day for couples or single men and $25 for single women. For the peak season (April through September and some special events), the ground fees are $60/day for couples or single men and $30 for women.

For overnight accommodations, Cedar Creek resort has tent sites starting at $20 per night, RV sites starting at $30 per night, Huts starting at $50 per night, and cabin rentals starting at $110 per night.

The Other Type of Nudists: Swingers in South Carolina

When someone is looking for South Carolina nudist resorts, it is important to take into account what you are looking for. A traditional naturist nudist resort is a completely different experience from a swinger clothing optional resort. Going to the wrong type may lead to some unexpected surprises for you.

In a nutshell, naturists nudists look at nudity as a natural state of being that is not tied to sex. Therefore these places can be family orientated and sexual activity is not encouraged or allowed. Swingers look at nudity as being totally about sexuality. Sexual activity is allowed and encouraged.

You can read Naturist or Swinger Nude Resorts and Beaches for details on the difference.

You will find that nude beaches and nudist resorts tend to be geared towards naturists. Swinger resorts are definitely for the swingers.

This article is geared towards South Carolina nudist resorts but if you are more interested in the swinger experience you can check out South Carolina Swinger Clubs and Swinger Resorts.


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