Tennessee Nude Beaches and Resorts: Fun in the Volunteer State

Tennessee Nude Beaches and Resorts

My wife and I love visiting nude beaches and resorts. We have been trying to compile a list of nude beaches and resorts across the United States including Tennessee. So this begs the question, what is available for Tennessee nude beaches and resorts?

In general, there are not a lot of nudist options in Tennessee. There is one good Tennessee nudist resort that is available, but there are no legal Tennessee nude beaches. For any other nudist vacation, Tennessee nudists will either need to travel or consider a clothing-optional Tennessee swinger resort.

So let’s take a look at what this state has to offer the Tennessee nudist. We will look at Tennessee nude beach options, Tennessee nudist resort options, and Tennessee nudist group options. We will also look at some travel options and alternative lifestyle options.

Tennessee Nude Beaches

Unfortunately, there are not any nude beaches in Tennessee. According to the website findlaw.com, Tennessee’s public indecency laws are pretty broad and carry punishments of up to a year in jail. In other words, I wouldn’t risk going nude unless at a Tennessee nude resort.

Tennessee nude beach

If you want to travel a little, you can always check for nude beaches in neighboring Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, GeorgiaAlabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Missouri but you won’t find much.

If you want to find some great legal public nude beaches, you will have to check out the Top Nude Beaches in Florida.

Tennessee Nudist Resorts

Tennessee nudist resort

Tennessee nudist resorts offer the best spots for you to go naked in Tennessee. If you want to be able to relax in the buff without pressure then these are the places to go. You have no worries about getting in trouble with the law and can just relax.

We just love spots like Tennessee nudist resorts. Our favorite thing in the world is hanging out poolside or in the hot tub, being naked, and making new friends. You will find these resorts to be some of the most comfortable places in the world and filled with some of the friendliest people in the world.

There is only one Tennessee nudist resort available but there are many other options nearby. If you want to travel a little, you can always check out the many nude resorts in neighboring Kentucky, Virginia, North Carolina, GeorgiaAlabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Missouri but you won’t find much.

You can also check out The Other Type of Nudists: Swingers Resorts in Tennessee section for info on another way to go naked in Tennessee. This is a totally different experience than Tennesse nudist resorts so make sure you know what you are getting into.

Rock Haven Lodge

Tennessee nudist resort Rock Haven Lodge

462 Rock Haven Rd,
Murfreesboro, TN 37127
(615) 896-3553

Rock Haven Lodge is a Tennessee nudist resort that is located in the Nashville area. This is a family-friendly nudist resort that is a member of the AANR (American Association for Nude Recreation).

This resort is located on 25 acres and is open from April 15th thru the end of September for visitors. This is definitely the best spot to go naked in Tennesee if you are a nudist.

Rock Haven Lodge is a nudist resort and not a clothing-optional resort. Everyone is expected to be nude with exceptions made based on cold weather.

Rock Haven Lodge amenities include a pool, hot tub, volleyball, pickle ball shuffleboard, darts, ping pong, horseshoes, billiards, petanque, children’s playground, clubhouse, small convenience store, snack bar, and tennis court.

This Tennesse nude resort receives extremely good reviews from the nudists that visit. Most reviews focus on the cleanliness of the facilities and the friendliness of the staff.

Day passes to this resort are $30 per person with reduced rates available for AANR members, military, and students/young adults. These day passes get you access to the resort facilities from 9 am to 7 pm.

There are a number of overnight accommodations available. Overnight accommodation rates do not include the ground fees which must be paid separately. RV sites are available for $15 per night. Tent sites at $10 per night. Trailer rentals start at $85 per night. Cabin rentals start at $65 per night.

Tennessee Nudist Groups

Tennessee nudist group
Tennessee nudist group

Tennessee nudist groups are groups that do not have a permanent location but promote nudist activities. Following a group like this can be a great way to find out more information about being naked in Tennessee.

Christian Naturists of America

P O Box 17677
Nashville, Tennessee 37217
(615) 944-4103

The Christian Naturists of America is a nudist group whose stated purpose is “To share the Gospel with everyone in the nudist community.”

They hold events throughout the year at different locations and are registered with the AANR (American Association for Nude Recreation).

The Other Type of Nudists: Swingers Resorts in Tennessee

Swinger resorts

When someone is looking for Tennessee nudist resorts, it is important to take into account what you are looking for. A traditional naturist nudist resort is a completely different experience from a swinger clothing optional resort. Going to the wrong type may lead to some unexpected surprises for you.

This article is geared towards Tennessee nudist resorts but if you are more interested in the swinger experience you can check out Tennessee Swinger Clubs and Swinger Resorts.

In a nutshell, naturists nudists look at nudity as a natural state of being that is not tied to sex. Therefore these places can be family-orientated and sexual activity is not encouraged or allowed. Swingers look at nudity as being totally about sexuality. Sexual activity is allowed and encouraged.

You can read Naturist or Swinger Nude Resorts and Beaches for details on the difference.

You will find that nude beaches and nudist resorts tend to be geared towards naturists. Swinger resorts are definitely for the swingers.


A regular boring middle-aged married man that discovered the fun of the nudist lifestyle a few years ago. Ever since then he has traveled the country checking out nudits spots.

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