Massachusetts Nude Beaches and Resorts: Naked Pilgrim fun

Massachusetts Nude Beaches and Resorts

Over the last few years, my wife and I have visited nude spots across the country. Massachusetts is known for its history and sports but maybe it should be known for nudist fun. So what is available for Massachusetts nude beaches and Massachusetts nudist resorts?

Massachusetts offers quite a few nudist options. While there are no official public nude beaches, there are several unofficial Massachusetts nude beaches. There are a few Massachusetts nudist resorts along with some nudist organizations that organize events for Massachusetts nudists.

So let’s take a look at what is available for Massachusetts nude beaches, Massachusetts nudist resorts, and Massachusetts nudist clubs. You will find that this state has nudist options both right here and nearby. They have come a long way in Massachusetts since the time of the Pilgrims

Massachusetts Nude Beaches

Massachusetts nude beaches

According to the website, Massachusetts indecency laws are described as “an intentional act of lewd exposure, offensive to one or more persons.” Examples of indecent exposure might include public urination, various types of nudity, and more minor public sexual acts. The acts can occur in public or private — the location doesn’t matter, merely the conduct.”

Of course, local jurisdictions may have enacted more restrictive ordinances, so be sure to verify that you are in the legal right before taking it all off. Basically, there are no official public Massachusetts nude beaches so you will always be taking a legal risk when bearing it all in public.

However, there do seem to be a number of spots in Massachusetts where public nudity is reported to be accepted by authorities. This does not however guarantee that you will be safe from prosecution if you go nude at these places. You visit these nude beaches at your own risk.

Below, you will find a list of some of the unofficial Massachusetts nude beaches. Personally, I prefer to go to Massachusetts nude resort so that I have no fear of running into legal trouble.

Moshup Beach

 Aquinnah, Massachusetts

A Martha’s Vineyard nude beach that the locals seem to tolerate (go nude at your own risk). The nude section is reported to be just north of the beach entry path.

Lucy Vincent Beach

Chilmark, Massachusetts

Another Martha’s Vineyard beach that reportedly accepts nudity. You need a pass in order to access this beach so it is definitely not open to everyone.

Longnook Beach

Truro, Massachusetts

A Cape Cod nude beach that is part of the Cape Cod National Seashore. Nudity here is technically illegal under federal law but is reportedly tolerated (go nude at your own risk). The nude section is reportedly about a mile north of the beach entrance.

Herring Cove

Provincetown, Massachusetts

Located in Provincetown, Herring Cove is popular with the LGBTQ community. Nudity seems to be tolerated by local authorities but still going nude is at your own risk. The nude section is reported to be about a mile south of the beach entrance.

Bare Ass Beach, Green River

799 Green River Rd. Colrain, MA

This appears to be a fairly popular unofficial nude beach north of Springfield. It is reported to be popular with Massachusetts nudists of all ages.

The best directions that I could find were posted by Reddit user Manthose3 who said “The swimming hole is .2 miles north of the address. Park anywhere you can where it isn’t posted, usually on the right hand side of the road as your headed north.”

Once again, while there is usually security in numbers be careful when going nude at these Massachusetts nude beaches.

Cummington Beach, Westfield River

Located in the Chesterfield State Forest this unofficial nude beach is accessible from parking lots off Rt 9. Many users report that it is best to use the smaller parking lots that are a half mile and 1.3 miles west of the main parking lot.

There are multiple areas on the river used by Massachusetts nudists. This area is reported to be mostly used by gay men during the week with more straight couples on the weekends.

Once again this is an unofficial Massachusetts nude beach so go nude at your own risk.

Naturist Nude Resorts in Massachusetts

Massachusetts nudist resorts

Massachusetts nudist resorts would be our favorite way to be naked in the Bay State. You usually have easier access to amenities like bathrooms, food, and overnight accommodations than you do at the Massachusetts nude beaches.

Additionally, I prefer to be nude in Massachusetts without worrying about getting in trouble with the law. This makes the Massachusetts nude resort the most relaxing place to go. We love hanging out poolside or in the hot tub while meeting other nudists.

For Massachusetts nudist resorts, there are a couple of good options to pick from. If these resorts do not work for you check out what is available across New England in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

Berkshire Vista Resort

Berkshire Vista Massachusetts nude resort
Image from

PO Box 1177
312 Kittle Road
Hancock, Ma. 01237

This is resort is a beautiful naturist family-friendly resort located in Massachusetts right on the New York border. Amenities include a sunning lawn, pool deck, solar heated pool, hot tubs, sauna, petanque, hiking trails, snack bar, deck bar, horseshoes, tennis, wifi, clubhouse with restaurant, bar, and DJ dances. They are open seasonally from May 1st through mid-October.

This resort receives good reviews from across the internet with most sites giving them from3.4-4 stars out of 5. Almost all visitors say that they found their stay to be relaxing and enjoyable.

For the 2021 season, the Berkshire Vista Resort did not offer day passes due to Covid but this may change for the next season. They have tent sites running from $125 for two nights to $1200 per month. RV sites run from $125 per night to $1560 per month. Cottages run from $297 for two nights to $795 per week. These prices are from the 2021 season.

If you are looking for a family-orientated naturist location then this is a good option to check out.

Sandy Terraces Associates

Image from

570 Wakeby Rd
Marstons Mills, MA 02648
(508) 428-9209

This family-friendly Massachusetts nudist resort is located on Cape Cod. They are open seasonally from May to October. Their 2022 opening is scheduled for May 23rd. Amenities include a heated pool with deck, tennis court, cornhole, Bocce, and green area.

This resort is mostly a campground but does receive excellent reviews online. The average review was 4 out of 5 stars. Reviews focused on how friendly the staff and guests were. Negative reviews were for the most part non-specific about the issues.

Day passes run from $25 to $35 for singles and $35 to $40 for couples. Overnight tent camping runs from $55/nightly up to $390/week. RV camping runs from $80/night to $480 per week.

Massachusetts Nudist Clubs

An alternative to Massachusetts nude beaches and Massachusetts nudist resorts can be the local nudist club. This club will put on events at different locations throughout the state during the year. This is a great way to meet up with other Massachusetts nudists and spend some time in the buff.

Pilgrim Naturists of New England

PO Box 320273
Boston, Ma. 02132

A clothing-optional non-landed organization that has information on events for the Massachusetts nudist. Their website does seem to have some good information on local nude beaches.

Boston Area Naturist Group (BANG)

BANG is a gay nudist organization that holds numerous events throughout the year. They seem to be much more active than most organizations and hold events throughout the New England area.

Naturism in Massachusetts

A Facebook group for Massachusetts naturists. Good information on where are the best places to be nude in Massachusetts.

The Other Type of Nudists: Swingers in Massachusetts

When someone is looking for Massachusetts nudist resorts, it is important to take into account what you are looking for. A traditional naturist nudist resort is a completely different experience from a swinger clothing optional resort. Going to the wrong type may lead to some unexpected surprises for you.

This article is geared towards Massachusetts nudist resorts but if you are more interested in the swinger experience you can check out Massachusetts Swinger Clubs and Swinger Resorts.

In a nutshell, naturists nudists look at nudity as a natural state of being that is not tied to sex. Therefore these places can be family-orientated and sexual activity is not encouraged or allowed. Swingers look at nudity as being totally about sexuality. Sexual activity is allowed and encouraged.

You can read Naturist or Swinger Nude Resorts and Beaches for details on the difference.

You will find that nude beaches and nudist resorts tend to be geared towards naturists. Swinger resorts are definitely for the swingers.


A regular boring middle-aged married man that discovered the fun of the nudist lifestyle a few years ago. Ever since then he has traveled the country checking out nudits spots.

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